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Spring Recruitment 

Cornell Alpha Chi Omega participates in Spring Formal and Informal Recruitment in accordance with the rules set forth by our Panhellenic Board.

A Letter From Our VPs of Recruitment

Welcome to Alpha Chi Omega!


Our names are Gianna and Isa, and we are the 2024 Vice Presidents of Recruitment for Alpha Chi. After formal recruitment our freshmen year, we both joined Alpha Chi and met shortly thereafter. One year later, we have the fortunate opportunity to work together to recruit the newest members of Alpha Chi and help recreate the amazing experience we've had in our chapter for others.


Formal recruitment can initially seem intimidating; however, we are excited you have chosen to go through the process! We had our own reservations as PNMs, but we eventually found our home at Alpha Chi by the end of the week, and we are so thankful. We encourage you to keep an open mind as you learn more about all the chapters that make up the Panhellenic community here at Cornell. We hope you ultimately join a house that helps you grow as an individual, develop lifelong friendships, and build a community that will support and uplift you throughout the next three or four years.


We can honestly say that is what we have found in Alpha Chi Omega. We have found our lifelong friends and go-to-people with whom we have made countless memories. From late nights binge-watching reality TV shows or Disney movies in the living room to Fall break road trips to impromptu 7/11 runs, we've spent so much time celebrating our happiest moments while also supporting each other in our lowest ones. We know that wherever we land after graduation, the friendships Alpha Chi has fostered for us run deeper than just Cornell's campus.


Formal recruitment was a time when we made some of our best friends and memories in AXO; when the opportunity came for new recruitment chairs, it was a no-brainer for us to apply. We feel so lucky to be the first people to welcome you to Alpha Chi Omega as the VPs of Recruitment. Our goal for this week is to create a positive and exciting experience for you - we can't wait to see you find your home at the end of this process, just like we did.



Gianna and Isa

SP '24 VPs Recruitment

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