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At Alpha Chi Omega, sisterhood is fostered early on and lasts beyond our time at Cornell. Being role models for each other, keeping up with other clubs and activities, and being students at an Ivy League institution can be tiring, and we understand how important it is to unwind. That is why, once initiated, each new member is matched with a Big sister and is welcomed into the lineage with a week full of gifts and activities before the Big sisters reveal themselves! Our lineages at Alpha Chi Omega are particularly strong, and we continue to stay in touch with our bigs, grand bigs, and beyond. One way we love to stay in touch with each other is by participating in our multiple social events each semester. Here at Alpha Chi, we like to dress up and take part in themed activities, ranging from Wild West to Barbie to Mardi Gras -- there's never a dull moment!

Past Events

  • Ice skating at Lynah Rink

  • Pumpkin picking & painting

  • Sunset picnics at the slope

  • Snow tubing at Greek Peak

  • Apple picking

  • Date nights

  • Sister Riff Offs

  • House sleepovers

  • Game nights

  • Study sessions & late night snacks

  • Big/Little reveal for new members to get their Big sisters

  • Bachelorette watch parties in the living room

  • Cultural night dinners & events celebrating holidays

  • Formals in The Lakewatch Inn & the Farmers' Market

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