Spring Recruitment

Cornell Alpha Chi Omega participates in Spring Formal Recruitment, in accordance with the rules set forth by our Panhellenic Board.

A Letter From Our VP Recruitment


Dear Potential New Member,

Welcome to Cornell! I hope you are enjoying your experience, finding new interests, and making friends. I, myself, met my closest friends and support system going through Formal Membership Recruitment. Through Alpha Chi Omega, I have found people who inspire me, comfort me, and always seem to make me laugh, and you can too!


Formal Membership Recruitment is an exciting time both for PNMs and for sisters of Alpha Chi Omega. I know that recruitment can be a bit daunting so here are some things we look for in sisters of Alpha Ch Omega:


Our Open Motto is, “Together Let Us Seek the Heights,” and we Alpha Chi Omega women hold that near and dear to our hearts. We focus on not only our individual efforts and accomplishments, but encouraging and supporting one another in her endeavors.


Alpha Chi Omega women are Real. Strong. Women, who hold our philanthropy, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness, to the utmost importance. We understand that as college-aged women, we are the most at risk demographic to be affected by these situations. We work closely within not only the Cornell Community, but our surrounding Ithaca community, specifically, The Tompkins County Advocacy Center to help other strong women who are dealing with these incredibly difficult situations.


On Campus, we Alpha Chi Omega women strive to be active members in whatever we pursue. We are leaders in organizations from dance groups, varsity sports, to community service clubs. As a chapter, Alpha Chi's are always there to support a sister at any game, performance, or day of service that she is involved in!


As Cornell students, we highly value academic rigor and interest. We look for new sisters who share our interests in academic achievement. With weekly sisterhood study hours, Alpha Chi's are able to achieve great academic success while still having fun together!


Finally, Alpha Chi Omega values integrity. We look for members who are socially conscious, financially responsible, and loyal.


I look forward to meeting you during Formal Membership Recruitment and Panhellenic Council events like Recruitment Goes Live!


Julia Vail

Vice President Recruitment


Julia Vail

2021 vp recruitment

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